Synthesis, 2012

Through this series, I explore the link between photography and memory. I'm interested in the compounding nature of memory - how memories blend and combine over time. I believe this reveals an intricate and organic complexity to the human condition. For thie series, film acts as a physical representation of memory--film records, preserves and makes tangible the moments that make up our lives. This series explores the limits of compounded memory through multiple exposures. Synthesis is a personal reflection made, in part, as a memento for a specific time in my life. I seek out scenes from daily life which resonate and draw me to photograph. I then rewind and re-expose the film, building up layers of imagery which represent the intricate nature of how we collect and preserve moments throughout our lives. There is a fortuitous nature to this process, which I think speaks to the uncertainty of life. I feel that chance can play a major role in shaping our memories and in turn, who we become.